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Circle of Hands

people holding hands above their heads standing in a circle

You might be wondering what the Circle of Hands above represents. To me it represents all the people who reached out to help me learn how to deal with the ongoing challenges of my chronic illness. This includes my family and friends, who loved me and rallied behind me to help me make it through each and every day. Another group of professional hands worked hard to diagnose and treat my conditions, even when they knew there was no cure. A third group of hands includes those in my church, in my support group, and in the community, who reached out to give me emotional support. This includes ministers, counselors, support group leaders and other support group members themselves.

Because the hands mentioned above provided me with renewed strength and purpose, I was then able to reach back out to others who were dealing with significant chronic illness and pain. By organizing and leading support groups and by working for fifteen years as a professional counselor, I saw how the reaching hands could come full-circle. A circle bringing

not only support but a special kind of healing to those experiencing both physical and emotional pain.

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