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Interview with Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma: Bruce McIntyre and Richard McCutchen

Leading up to the Parkinson Foundation of Oklahoma's State Conference on November 2, I took the opportunity to speak with the Executive Director and the Eastern Oklahoma Director about the organization's biggest successes.


Bruce McIntyre, Executive Director

October 29, 2018

Your PFO website provides important information for people with Parkinson’s disease in Oklahoma. There are lists of programs and events that are designed to help in management of this disease. What is PWR and what is LSVT?

“PWR stands for ‘Parkinson’s Wellness Recovery.’ This is a special set of exercises, designed by an OU graduate now living in Arizona, which are designed to help people with Parkinson’s with their specific types of movement issues. LSVT or ‘Big Physical Therapy’ also utilizes Parkinson-focused therapy techniques which are directed by physical therapists who are specially trained to work with people who have Parkinson’s.”

What is the concept behind the Parkinson’s boxing classes?

“These classes are designed to improve balance, agility, and flexibility, and cardio health by teaching Parkinson-focused boxing techniques called ‘power therapy.’ The classes participate in warm-up exercises together. There’s no hitting or striking another person. However, they have special punching targets designed to encourage power movement without hard contact.”

Can you tell me what makes the PFO special or unique when compared to other Parkinson organizations?

"As a statewide organization, we are able to get people individually connected to the programs they can personally benefit the most from. In addition, we are our own 501c3 organization and are not affiliated with any other national organization. Any money raised by the PFO stays in Oklahoma to be used for people in Oklahoma.”


Richard McCutchen, Eastern Oklahoma Director

October 25, 2018

Is it true that by the end of the year, the PFO will have 30 support groups active in the State of Oklahoma?

“Yes, that’s true. If anyone wants to know about which cities will have groups, he or she can check out our website at” The State Conference appeared to be a great success for the PFO. Can you tell our followers who your speakers were for that event? “Yes, we had a great turnout... Our speakers were Dr. Cherian Karanpuhza, a neurologist and a movement disorder specialist from Oklahoma City and Amy Goyer, caregiver expert from AARP and author of Juggling Life, Work, and Caregiving." Do you have any other events scheduled for after the new year?

“Yes, in 2019 we will host a total of four fundraisers at four different locations around the State called Parkinson’s Rally Walk’s and 5K’s.”

Spring Parkinson Walks:

  • April 13: Bentley Gardens, Cameron University, Lawton, Oklahoma

  • April 28: ORU Campus, Tulsa, Oklahoma

  • May 4: McAlester Regional Medical Center, McAlester, Oklahoma

  • May 5: Wheeler Park by the Oklahoma River, Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

(Times for these events will be announced later.)

For more information, visit

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